Theo Gavrielides, Ph.D.

Professor Theo Gavrielides, LL.B, LL.M., Ph.D, is the founder and director of the IARS International Institute and the founder and co-director of the Restorative Justice for All Institute (RJ4All). He is an adjunct professor at the School of Criminology (Centre for Restorative Justice) of Simon Fraser University and a visiting professor at Buckinghamshire New University. Dr. Gavrielides is editor-in-chief of three peer-reviewed journals: International Journal of Human Rights in Healthcare, Youth Voice Journal and Internet Journal of Restorative Justice. He has served on private boards and worked in government.

Dr. Gavrielides is also a legal counsel specialising in criminal law, human rights and EU law. He taught criminal law and common law reasoning and institutions at the University of London and has acted as a human rights and criminal justice advisor for various chambers and policy bodies including the Independent Advisory Group of the London Criminal Justice Partnership.

Dr. Gavrielides has written and edited numerous books and articles on restorative justice. He is currently working on a book titled Race, Power & Restorative Justice: The Dialogue We Never Had, and is editing The Routledge Handbook of Restorative Justice, both to be published in 2018.