Yousiff Meah

Yousiff Meah is the chief executive of The RecoRa Institute. He is the author (with Colin Mellis) of the original RecoRa report “Recognising and responding to radicalisation: considerations for policy and practice through the eyes of street level workers” (2008, RecoRa) and a founding member of the Institute. Yousiff has been actively involved in violence reduction research and practice for many years. He was the policy lead on reducing gang violence (and head of youth services) for Birmingham City Council in the UK prior to designing the city’s pathfinder programme for Preventing Violent Extremism. In 2008, he was appointed as a U.K. Children’s Services Adviser on Preventing Violent Extremism with a responsibility for supporting the development of practice, designed to recognise and respond to radicalisation within schools, and youth services prior to becoming the chief executive for the Institute. He has provided policy advice and training to community organisations, governments and security personnel across Europe. Yousiff has a Master in Occupational Psychology (Birbeck, London); professional qualifications in youth and community work (Goldsmith College, London) and in training and development (Institute for Training and Development, London); and is a trained mediator and graduate of the International Center for Conciliation (Harvard, Boston).